Triquetra Services (Scotland)

Triquetra Services (Scotland) is a charitable organisation with the mission to promote and further the study of history through the medium of the historical, martial and creative arts. We do this in a way that:

  • Promotes an awareness of culture and heritage through the sharing of knowledge and information pertaining to European history;
  • Increases health, self confidence and personal effectiveness through training in the safe and enjoyable practice of historical martial arts;
  • Develops traditional and non-traditional skills, particularly among local members of the community that are not in employment, education or training;
  • Includes all members of the community (near and far) in a wide programme of educational, informative and enjoyable events;
  • Creates voluntary opportunities among local people and historical arts enthusiasts;
  • Celebrates art, craft, culture, history and other forms of life enriching activity.

We do these things because by increasing an awareness of our heritage and culture we improve our individual and collective sense of identity. The education and training we provide creates enjoyment, greater confidence, richer knowledge and deeper understanding of ourselves and others. By creating volunteering and employment opportunities we enrich the lives of local people and enhance our community, and we believe it creates better lives for the people of Glasgow, Scotland and beyond.